Month: April 2024

Industry trends

The Pivotal Role of Compressed Air in Construction and Industry

Introduction Compressed air is often hailed as the fourth utility in construction and industrial applications, alongside water, electricity, and gas, due to its unequivocal role as a reliable and flexible power source. It’s a vital cog in the machinery of modern building practices and manufacturing processes, providing the kinetic energy […]

Industry trends

Hard Hats to Helmets: Advancing Worker Safety with ANSI Type II Innovations

Introduction The construction industry has witnessed a transformative shift toward enhancing worker safety, underscored by a significant change adopted by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In December, OSHA announced a move away from traditional hardhats in favor of ANSI-Z89.1-certified Type II safety helmets for […]

Equipment Guides & Reviews

Enhancing Jobsite Efficiency: Construction Forklift Accessories and Attachments

Construction Forklift Accessories and Attachments Forklifts play a pivotal role in the construction industry, acting as the backbone for a multitude of logistical tasks within various phases of a project. These versatile and powerful vehicles are critical for moving heavy and bulky materials across the job site efficiently, reducing the […]

Best Practices

Noise Abatement Strategies in Construction

Introduction The importance of noise abatement in construction cannot be overstated. Construction activities are inherently noisy, often involving heavy machinery, loud tools, and a variety of high-decibel operations. Noise abatement encompasses the strategies and measures implemented to mitigate these sounds, which are crucial for several compelling reasons: Health and Safety […]